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    Lunch at prasino (greek word for 'green')
    7-17-18 7:30 pm - Virtual online meeting
    In Good Company Singles and Friends They don't take reservations, and will only do separate checks for up to 5 people, So please bring CASH !!!!! Prasino, (greek word for 'green') At prasino, we believe dining well means living well. As a...

    7-17-18 7:30 pm - Virtual online meeting
    Oak Park Ketogenic Diet Meetup

    Those interested in forming an ongoing group to discuss the ketogenic diet and support each other are welcomed to add their input. Suggestions for times are welcome. More than one group can be formed. My preference daytime mid-week. I am...

    Awaken Online
    7-17-18 7:30 pm - Virtual online meeting
    Awakening Realized

    On alternating weeks we start the Meetup with either 30 minutes of Group Awareness Exercise (GAE) or with Subtle Noting. The last hour will be a recorded guided meditation shared via audio and sometimes video by noted teachers such as Culadasa or...

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    Please have a look around, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if I can be of assistance.

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